In Thailand, Ganesha is called Phra Phikanet (พระพิฆเนศ) and is worshipped as the deity of fortune and success, and the remover of obstacles. He is associated with arts, education, and trade. Shrines and statues for this elephant-headed Hindu God can be seen all around Thailand. Some of the largest statues of Ganesha can be found in Chachoengsao province. This is an easy day trip from Bangkok. But, you would need your own transport.

This first large Seated Ganesha can be found at Wat Phrong Akat in Chachoengsao (see map). It is 49 meters high and 19 meters wide.

This large Reclining Ganesha is at Wat Saman Rattanaram in Chachoengsao (see map). It is 16 meters high and 22 meters long.

This large Standing Ganesha is at Khlong Khuean Ganesh International park in Chachoengsao.  It is 30 meters high.

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