Vishva Hindu Parishad Parivar is deeply shocked to learn about the sad Nidhan of your respected Pitashree Shri Chintamani Tripathi Ji (93) in Gorakhpur, U.P.! During the infancy days of Vishva Hindu Parishad in the 1960s, Shri Chintamaniji was in his prime . He was looked up to as an illustrious Pravasi son of Maa Bhaarati. He rightly rose to the occasion and enthusiastically shouldered the responsibility to initiate the Thailand Chapter of this global organization VHP from his place in Bangkok served long as VHP President . He balanced well between his professional life and organizational life and promoted well the cultural commonwealth of Hindus and Buddhists. He was a sweet-spoken cordial man with ability, integrity and humility that endeared him to countless Sah-Yogis, admirers and followers in Thailand. He also served long Central VHP as a Trustee and always organizationally utilized well the visits of Central Adhikaris to Thailand. He was proactive and always rose to any occasion to serve the Hindu cause.  He was always very clear about the goals, aims, missions and objectives and alive and eternally vigilant about long-term and short-term targets of VHP. This senior Karyakarta was a forward player in various Hindu promotion and also Hindu-Bauddha coordination activities in Thailand.

May Karma-Yogi Shri Chintamaniji’s noble soul – an individualized eternal spark of the Absolute Divine – enter the Bhagwan eternal pastimes – May he achieve Nityaleela Pravesh!

Saketvasi Shri Chintamaniji will be truly missed! His Nidhan is a great loss to VHP and the Hindu community in Thailand. Vishva Hindu Parishad ex­presses its con­do­lences to you and all your bereaved family members! We can imagine how intensely you all would be feeling the absence of Shri Chintamaniji and we know the philosophy of “Jaatasya hi dhruvo mrityuh” (“that which is born must die” – Gita 2/27) won’t give solace at this time of extreme grief. However, one has to bow before the inscrutable designs of the Almighty! “Na Hi Kalyaana Kruta Kaschit, Durgatim Tat Gachchhati”! (“There is never any loss to an altruist in the divine scheme who engages in auspicious and spiritual activities.” – Gita: 6/40).

Please again accept our heartfelt condolences! We pray to Sri Ram to give you and all other members of your bereaved family the strength to bear the irreparable loss!

Yours in grief,

Joint General Secretary
Vishva Hindu Parishad