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  1. Ordinary Member: VHP consists of members domiciled in
    Thailand, and the majority of whom are juristic persons having commercial
    activities with Indian nationals or Thai citizens of Indian origin as
    partners or shareholders holding more than 15% of the capital, including
    branches of juristic persons registered in Thailand or abroad.
  2. Honorary Member: Honorary Member is a person with qualification or a person rendering benefaction to the VHP and who has been invited by the executive committee to be such member.
  3. Associate Member: Any juristic person or ethnic Indian individual of good standing who is not eligible for ordinary membership shall be eligible for associate membership upon the approval of the executive committee.
  4. The applicant must submit the application form produced by VHP with the fees to the Hon. Secretary or to the Secretariat. The applicant must be introduced by an ordinary member and another member will verify the application. After the secretary has certified, the application will be forwarded to the executive committee for consideration. All fees must be

VHP now adds more value to your Membership card.

One of the important constituents of the Chamber is to find ways to benefit the members in their business. With a view to bringing members together, we introduce a “Members Card Privilege” programme.

All VHP members can use their NEW identity cards and avail of discounts at various business establishments. We will start with restaurants and hotels and take it further to many other types of businesses. Existing cards will not be valid, and new cards are being issued for this purpose.

A list of all businesses offering discounts will be sent to members periodically and this list will also be accessible Here .

If you are a business who would like to participate, please contact our Secretariat for further discussions. We will also be looking to attracting members of other organisations to join in this programme, at the same time sharing benefits for our members too!

Do support our partners.  If you would like to join us as a vendor or are aware of any establishment that would like to join us, please do let us know.  We will glad to have them join in on this programme.

Use of this card and any promotions mentioned therein will be used without any recourse to the VHP.

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